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Now on update 4! 12/11/14

Welcome to a very early demonstration of my video game

"The Wages of Space"

Press Escape or Right Click to pause

Use the 'W' key to throttle up!

Use the 'S' key to slowwwww dowwwwwn

The 'A' and 'D' keys set the pitch of your Lander.

'Q' and 'E' (pending possible removal) give you a boost left or right at the expense of great fuel consumption!

the Spacebar should only be used in an emergency!


To Wages of Space, you must create space value for your space employer. This is important! To do this; find potential passengers - they will attempt to hail you by waving their arms in a dramatic fashion. When loaded, drop them off at LUNAR STATION THETA and your company account will be credited based on your odometer reading for that trip!

Straying outside of the operation area will trigger the Lander's anti-theft system! STEALING ON THE JOB IS NO JOKE AND A BIG PROBLEM. You will receive a text readout warning. Your second warning will come in the form of all interior oxygen being vented into space. This has the unfortunate side effect of agitating the "K-Stoff" hypergolic fuel and may result in further problems.

Contact email: 2800cc@gmail.com